About Verified Van Lines

Verified Van Lines was started because we saw a lack of quality and cohesion in the moving and relocation markets. We wanted to offer families and businesses a better way to move, and a better method for finding and hiring the absolute best professionals working in their area. We are motivated to begin every day because we know that what we do is saving small businesses and families time, money, and making their lives just that much easier. We are putting quality and friendliness back into the moving business.

Our Mission

At Verified Van Lines our mission is to provide the absolute best moving, storage, and packing services to families and business owners across the country. Everything we do is to further that end goal, and we are dedicated to ensuring every aspect of your move goes off perfectly. 

Our Purpose

We believe that through more cost-effective and stress free services we can better serve to empower and promote businesses and families – no matter the size. We are helping to remove geographical barriers and easing the transition into new lives for thousands of Americans each year.

A Trusted Relocation Service

Perhaps the most important quality in a moving service, beyond even price and speed, is trustability. When your personal belongings are being loaded up into a truck, you are watching a large portion of your life drive away for a bit. You want to be sure the person driving away with your stuff is a person you can trust.

At Verified Van Lines, we are an incredibly trusted and respected service that has spent years offering people across America solutions for a better move. We have helped facilitate thousands of successful moves without so much as a lost screw. Our track record may speak for itself, but we just wanted to be sure you heard it.

Our Services

We provide a comprehensive list of services created to ensure that all aspects of your next move are covered. We allow you to get professional help from the beginning to the end of your move. Hire us to help with everything or for just a couple specific needs. We are here for you. Our services include:

Long Distance Movers

When you are moving across state lines, there are a lot of extra issues that can arise. Our long-distance movers know exactly how to plan and prepare to avoid unnecessary hang-ups or delays. Let us make your next move stress-free.

Packing and Unpacking

It can be a real pain to put things away into boxes, only to take them back out again a few days later. With our packing services we handle the headache for you. We also have experience packing awkward items up safely and securely.

Storage Services

Many moves are not a simple A to B process. People often have renovations, staging periods, or simply a bit of a wait before they can move items into a new location. We make sure you can store your items easily and cost-effectively.

Corporate Relocation

Even small delays can mean big losses in profits for a business. Our specialists will be able to relocate your offices quickly and efficiently so you have minimal delays to your operations. When you can’t afford a bad move, you want Verified Van Lines.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions we get on a regular basis regarding our services. If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to our staff.

The cost of your move will depend on a number of factors including the amount of the items and the distance being traveled. Contact us and we will work to give you an accurate quote.

While, in most cases, plants will either not survive a move or are not allowed to cross state lines we will do our best to help you figure out if you can get your plants to your new location.

Keeping loose items in drawers will often lead to needless damage, or even injury to you or movers. Trust us, we have seen it happen. It is recommended you box all loose items.

Those items you feel are fragile or high value (glassware, artwork, etc.) will be put to the side and packed in a unique, extra secure manner.

Very expensive items like jewels can be packed away by our professional movers, though we typically recommend you carry these items on you. There are also options to add extra insurance protections for these types of items.

All appliances will need to be disconnected, and some, like the washer, must have additional items like a stabilizer installed. Contact us today and we will help you figure out how to properly prepare your personal appliances.