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How to Choose the Best Long Distance Movers?

Long distance moves can be a hassle. Discover what to look for when choosing the best long distance movers to get you from Point A to B without all the hassle.
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To choose the best long-distance mover, look for services that provide excellent customer care, have an excellent reputation, provide quality services to meet your moving needs, and offer reasonable prices to fit your moving budget.

Moving long distances is never easy, even with the help of full-service movers. However, by knowing what to look for in the best long-distance moving service, you’ll avoid the hassles that come with moving and save yourself time and money during the process.

What to Consider Before Choosing a Long-Distance Moving Service?

With any type of long-distance move, it is essential to organize key details that will help you select the best long-distance movers for your needs. Before you begin contacting any long-distance moving companies, consider the following information to get an accurate quote and understanding of the company:

• What dates do I want to move?
• How far will I be moving from my current location?
• How much stuff do I have?
• How will I get my belongings to the truck?
• Do I need storage services, or will my new residence be ready to move into?
• Is anything fragile, valuable, or antique?
• How do I want my belongings wrapped and packed for the move?
• Do I have anything that needs special attention?
• How will my large items be transported (i.e., furniture, appliances)?

The answers to these questions will determine how services should be handled and what you can expect from a long-distance mover. Once you have the answers, you’ll want to start contacting long-distance moving services to discuss options, price, and scheduling.

Reputation is Everything

The best long-distance movers have an excellent reputation for providing quality service. If you do not know which moving company to choose, refer to customer reviews and testimonials for recommendations of the best services in your area.

Learning what other customers have had to say about their experience with each long-distance mover makes it possible to find a reputable and reliable company that you can trust to deliver the service you deserve.

If you cannot find customer reviews and testimonials, look for any complaints on file with local authorities and ensure that there are no unresolved issues before deciding if the long-distance mover is appropriate for your needs.

A reputable mover will be able to provide licensed drivers, reliable labor, proof of insurance and, of course, a federal DOT registration number. Additionally, reputable long-distance movers are dedicated to providing excellent quality service with guarantees for on-time arrival, services performed, and customer satisfaction.

Services to Meet Your Moving Needs

The best long-distance movers won’t just be from a reputable company; they will also have the services you need to get all of your items from point A to B safely. This means that if you have large bulky items that need special attention or fragile, valuable, or antique items that need special care, the long-distance movers should be able to provide services that meet your unique moving needs.

Additionally, should you require help moving items from the truck to your new residence, it is essential to look for movers who will provide that service. This is especially true if you are moving into a place with stairs or if you have large items that require more than one person to carry.

If your new residence is not ready to be moved into or you need storage services for other reasons, look for a long-distance mover who offers those options as well.

Services to handle specialized needs include but are not limited to:

• Dismantling and reconstruction of heavy appliances and furniture.
• Specialized packing materials provided for delicate items.
• Specialized moving equipment (i.e., ramps, lifts, etc.).
• Storage services for customers who are unable to move in immediately.

By ensuring that the long-distance movers you choose have these services available, you can rest assured that nothing will be left behind. As a result, your long-distance move could be completed faster and safer.


The best long-distance movers will have rates that fall within your budget. Be aware that the average cost of moving long distances can range between $2500 to $6000+ depending on the amount of items you have, the distance traveled, labor costs, and specialized moving needs.

A professional moving company is only as good as their rates and options for payment, so finding a reputable mover who offers competitive pricing and flexible payment options (i.e., credit card, check, PayPal) is essential.

When evaluating price quotes from long-distance movers, look carefully at the fine print to ensure that you know exactly what is included. There should be no hidden fees or surcharges added once the move is completed, and all transaction details should be explained in writing, so there are no misunderstandings down the line.

The best long distance movers will offer:

• Competitive pricing options that meet your specific needs.
• Flexible payment plans with no hidden fees or surcharges.
• Flat rate quotes rather than hourly rates, so there are no misunderstandings about the price of services performed.
• A guarantee on all services for a set period of time after the move has been completed to ensure customer satisfaction and safety.

While some costs can be saved by reducing the number of items you own or packing belongings yourself, in the end, it may be more time and cost-efficient to hire full-service long-distance movers who can take care of all of the work. This way, you can focus on other important aspects of a move, such as transferring utilities, forwarding mail, and canceling services.

Frequently Asked Questions

A reputable long-distance mover should offer customers a free quote based on critical factors such as the size of the property being moved, the distance being traveled, and the time of year that the move will occur.

The best way to save money on long-distance movers is to get rid of items you don’t want to take with you. This will reduce the total weight of your belongings and reduce the overall cost of moving.

This will depend on the type of services you request from the long-distance movers. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of sourcing your own packing supplies, then look for a company that offers them as part of a full-service moving package.

Get the Best Long Distance Movers

Choosing the best long-distance movers will ensure that your property is transported as safely and as quickly as possible. By reviewing the highest-rated moving services, customers can match their needs to a reputable long-distance mover who has been in business for years and understands the intricacies of a successful move across state lines.

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